How BIGGER is better?

I have been thinking, and I noticed that from my experiences I often encounter myself living in a paradox. At the same time that I love big guys, and especially the ones with big rounded bellies, also I observe a deep concern for their health condition.

Now, it’s important to say that this feeling might change according to the circumstances. Because chasers might behave and feel differently depending on if the guy is someone he is just having fun with or if he is really his boyfriend and they share a life together.

When it’s just fun, the chaser might think “the bigger, the better”. He might go for the biggest hardest rounded belly he finds. Because that is very attractive, of course! I get that! But let’s say you “can’t” say goodbye after you’ve cum because you are in a relationship with him?

And in that case, for chasers:

How big do you want him to be?
How often do you do outdoor activities together?
Do you do things out of the bear scene together?
Do you travel together?
Do you ever encourage him to have a healthier awareness?
Or do you just sit back, watch, and never seem to care if he is a strong candidate for a sudden heart failure, stroke or a peripheral artery condition, often on the legs?
Or just never really thought about these things?

Now you bears:

Did you ever have a chaser showing you these kinds of concerns?
Would you ever consider listening to your partner’s concerns?
Out of love, mainly for yourself and for him, would you do anything different to try and maintain a healthier lifestyle?

For both bears and chasers:

Eventually, what really keeps you together?
Is it just about the physical appearance or is it something greater that unites the two of you? Or both?

Personally, I have let all my boyfriends free to make their own decisions about how they should live their lives. I have expressed an enormous amount of love and acceptance to who they are. However, I am a positive progressor and I believe we can always do better and be better today, of what we were yesterday. So I have always encouraged and supported my boyfriends to be their best and feel at their best. Of course, taking limitations into account.

That’s probably one of the many ways in how I express my love for them.


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