Mom, I want to become a Rugby player.

Right… I come from the country where Football is the most popular sport and where its best players in the world come from. But I was never too good at playing it. I was much better at Volleyball and Swimming. I remember I used to go for selections and everything, but as I was never picked to participate or represent anything I think I got demotivated and put it aside for a while.

I grew up after that and I never really played any other sports. Now, recently, I started playing Volleyball again, and I pretty much enjoy it. It’s a lot of fun. Apart for that, lately, all the sports channels are speaking about Rugby and the world cup in New Zealand. I have a couple of friends who cheered and went to bars watch the matches, so I thought I would take a look at it as well. Even though I don’t even know if m country has a Rugby team? I wouldn’t think so. This game is much more popular in some other countries other than mine.

When I first looked closer at this sport I thought. “- Wow, this sport really is for tough guys”. It is, actually a very manly sport. Lots of physical contact, tactile, touching, running, holding, hugging, grabbing, squeezing, pulling, pushing, and…

“…Hmm wait a minute?!?! So the player has to grab the ball, as tight as possible, then run as fast as he can watching out for all those “Big Angry Bulls” running after him, throwing themselves trying catch him, making him fall, laying on top and rolling over him?…”

If I am right, this is the perfect sport created for a chaser! OMG!

Think with me:

– He will be surrounded by Rough, Big, sometimes Hairy, Angry, Strong Men;
– He will have half of these Men running after him crazy to roll over all wrapped around him;
– He will have the other half of these Men running next to him like soldiers, protecting him so he can hold the ball longer;
– He will have all this half of Men grabbing his thighs and lifting him up;
– He will have all the bears in the bar shouting his name every time he scores, and more…

And hey… I am not even mentioning what he sees during the shower. Let’s keep that for another topic.

Anyway, so it is. But seriously now, I am not sure if I could handle all those hands, “thick hands with thick fingers”, up in the air trying to grab me… Probably they would squeeze and brake all my bones and have my broken rib perforate my lung, if they could catch me. Or I wouldn’t want to run from them, but at them!?!

“Shhhh…!!! No one is supposed to know I ran slower on purpose just to let them grab me, and pull me close, and squeeze me, and fall on the grass with me, and roll over me, and wrap around me, and feel my crotch… and Hmmm…” [daydreaming]

Helloooooo, stop it!!! See, you make me lose concentration! Pay attention to what your reading and don’t distract me anymore, please.


Where was I? … uh ok … I would run “at” … I mean, from them. [Sight] By the way, I want my team to win, of course. So I was actually thinking of joining a group that practiced rugby here in Dubai. I know there is a group of guys that do training somewhere, I just nee to find where it is. In the mean time I would like to congratulate the boys from “All Blacks” for winning the Rugby World Cup. Although I wasn’t sure if I cheered for them or for the French, as they also “caught my attention”, let’s put it this way ¬¬


2 thoughts on “Mom, I want to become a Rugby player.

  1. This is why you never hear of gay rugby players. It’s not because they’re not ‘manly’ enough – its because the whole idea is just too damn sexy they’d never focus on the game and they’d run around with a boner all day!

    • I think there would be a lot of temptation yes, but still they would concentrate in the game. I am sure there are many gays in the rugby, but they don’t come out afraid of being “unreasonably” put off the game or have their performance analyzed by this fact. People are evil sometimes and can find a reason out of nothing to take this player off the team.


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