Beefy Red Bear

Hello everyone,

Today I am writing this because I think compliments and feedback are really what keep us going and gives us guidance to improve whatever we are doing, and it does really help to build more confidence and self-esteem. I was earlier, obviously feeling horny, and I thought of going on youtube and “admiring” the hot hairy man out there… Then I saw this pretty bearded guy and I thought. “- Hmmm, what’s this cute Husky Red Bear here saying? Let me check him out” … So I opened one of his videos, then I opened another one, and when I realized there was no more videos to see… ops. From what I have seen I think he is a very motivated guy who decided to hit the gym regularly and gives some advices while showing his progress. Not just that, I think he seems to be an amazing person, outside and inside. A great smile sending out lots of positive vibration, not ashamed of what he is, never intimidated by the mean comments of some people, and a spectacular upfront sense of humour. Fun watching it. His voice is very attractive, specially when he is silly doing this “Grrr”sound, oh my! … Eyes squeezed by his cheeks when he smiles, it looks fabulous. Normally, many guys are just very down, pessimistic and angry at what they don’t even have a clue, making their body language become very arrogant. And this guy just smiles away, it gave me a lot of inspiration so I am thankful for that. It doesn’t hurt to be nice, does it?

Apart from that, his hairy body, aww man. I must confess, whenever he would take that shirt off, I would just melt here. I have a lot of precum, and that is what would happen. I think he looks great for a guy his age, and I wonder if he is aware of what he creates in people’s mind when he talks about his routine life, shirtless and rubs his hairy chest. He was probably told he is a Tease before. But I am sure he has no idea of how fast he makes a man’s adrenaline run into his veins by doing that. I am sure he drives a lot of guys crazy.

Anyway… I think Tracy is an example of good positive behavior. Very brave to put his face online the way he does, I admire that because I don’t think I’d do the same due to my shyness and fear. Obviously he feels good about himself after he started going to the gym. But my point here is also that it doesn’t only matter how you look on the outside. Because if you are genuine, true, confident, respectful, humble, full of tenderness and compassion on the inside, it already makes one look beautiful and attractive on the outside.
Thank you for reading…

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