But what is Halloween really?

Ok guys, to start off, Halloween has nothing to do with devil or madness. This is a pale representation invented by “Hollywood” to make thriller movies sell better. Halloween, originally, came from “Samhain” the “party of the dead” celebrated by the Celts in 46 A.C. before Britain was invaded by the Romans implanting a latin perspective of seeing things. Samhain means the end of the summer season and celebrated the beginning of the new celtic calendar year. This celebration was formed by Druid Priests who had the ability of making contact with the spirits of who had passed away so they could guide his relatives still alive, so it was interpreted by the church as “all hallow’s eve”, which originated what we call today, Halloween.

Another important note to its culture is that from 1500 to 1700 A.D. protestants use to persecute and extort catholics dressing covering their faces and using masks “pretending” to be the dead that came back from hell. Due to the need of death’s personification and the persecution of the catholics, today children still dress in costumes and have the say “trick or treat”. Therefore was created monsters and the fear of this unrealistic connotation.

Unrealistic or not I recommend all bears, cubs and admires to be aware and watch out for the “Horny Bear Beast”. We never know who it is after ;-)

Happy Halloween!

3 thoughts on “But what is Halloween really?

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