Chat: Sir vs Boi

Grr… Hello.
So u r my Sir?
What am I then? Ur Boy?
I am a Sir
U get to chose what u are, wether a Boi, puppy, slave or piggy.
I think I am ur Boy…
And right now I am asleep. Lol
I don’t know how to act if I was smth else hehe
Ah, that is what training is for.
U have to teach me how I should behave ;-)
I was never a Boy before.
So why now?
Besides I think u were a Boi before. Just not by choice. Lol
I like that idea … Maybe I was, but I had no clue.
So tell me… Teach me Sir!
Lol… You were born, then a baby, then a Boi, then a man. Now u can choose to be a Boi under a Sir or a Boi under a Daddy Bear.
A Boi under a Sir receives discipline and order, then affection. A Boi under a Daddy Bear receives instruction with some punishment for being bad, then affection.
Hmm I see. I am getting a hard on now just by reading this.
U said ur not a Daddy Bear right? So…
N I don’t see y I should be punished if I didn’t misbehave?
How will u teach me discipline?
Lol. Bois under Daddies act up just to get Daddy to punish them.
Bois under Sirs give themselves to their Sir to be trained n molded.
Oh I understand now.
With Sirs, first the Boi gets exercise, then training through activities which teaches them discipline and helps them submit.
So if I am under u I should obey u right? Because u r a Sir n not a Daddy.
Im getting horny again. Can the Boy get horny?
Boi under Sir crave to be owned and controlled.
In what way?
I want my Bois to be always Horny. It is up to Me when they are allowed to release.
What exercises would u teach me how to practice?
Being a Boi under a Sir, is becoming an owned part of the Sirs family
Well I think I can be horny next to u all the time… But what if I lose it for a moment?
Lol. First normal gym exercises to burn off ur energy, the discipline is not bad, it is training to teach structure n submission.
Sir family? R there more than one Sir?
That is what the hypnosis is used for. But Bois should always be worshiping their Sir, even if just in their thoughts.
Like u tell me to do push ups n I go n do it?
There can be more than one Boi, n a puppy, n a slave, n a piggy. There can also be alpha Boi/pups under a Sir.
Many Boys to one Sir?!?
I thought I’d be the only Boy worshiping my Sir.
Lol. Sir wants to have his Bois enjoying each other as well.
Aww really?!? But Boys turn Boys off!
Not my Bois!
Sir wants them to help each other exercise n turn into pig sluts.
Maybe u need a Daddy instead.
Well ok. We can do the exercises together but I wont worship them.
Lol I play with them. If u r not interested in that then u should find a different Sir.
Some Sirs only have one Boi.
Well I need to understand what this world is n where u stand n where I stand so things me sense to me n to u
Each Boi must find the right Sir for him.
Daddies negotiate with Bois. Sirs set rules that are followed.
So u r a type of Sir who has two or more Boys at the same time worshiping u? Is that it?
I am creating a pack/tribe. We will be a type of a family.
And we worship each other thru love n sex. This Sir is the pack leader.
Who r “we” exactly? U as Sir n ur Boys? Or u as Sir plus other Sirs n ur Boys plus their Boys?
Me as Sir n my Bois, puppies, slaves. I may also have a second in command under Me if the family gets bigger than 4.
Oh ok… So we r like brothers at the same level n we have no will whatsoever n we just obey?
I am unlike most Sirs in that regard. I don’t want my Bois to give up their will, just put it under My direction.
I expect each of My Boi to be creative and have their own needs n deSires.
I would expect so… There would have no point if there was no interaction n just submission.
I agree, but some Sirs want that. Not Me.
I just don’t understand how u will give affection to all of them at the same time n how u get to chose the one to give attention to n how should the others behave?
Y is this so hard for u to understand? Did u grow up alone in a family?
We will all play together sometimes n then I will train individually and in groups. Each Boi will have their own room. Slaves will sleep together. Puppies will sleep in their own cages.
Everyone will have responsibilities. Bois r expected to work in a profession.
Listen! I am only curious here n I enjoy exploring different worlds. I have head of this Boy Sir thing before but never really knew what it was for real so thats y I ask… N I thought it was just a fantasy as a role played during the sex, but now ur coming up with family n rooms n jobs n responsibilities… Its ok. I will google it. Never mind!
U were referring to a fantasy? No wonder the confusion.
I was referring to two men, one Sir, one Boy, who meet each other for a good time n the Sir gives him orders n so n this Boy does whatever Sir says, then he says: “good Boy” n then they start getting sexually till they fuck each other n cum n back to their real lives. Over.
Thats being trained as A Boi. Being My Boi, it says u r owned by Me.
Yes but what I didn’t understand was this family thing. N when does this submission stop? If it ever does…
If u don’t belong to Me the submission stops when the training is done.
If u r owned by Me it never stops.
So I live in ur house as well or what?
I live too far away n u cant own me… U can train me though
I don’t own those who don’t live in My house. N I don’t train through text.
Oh ok… But id like to know how u would train me
I see, do u actually own anyone today?
Did u even read My recon profile?
I did!
N it doesn’t say u have a Boy or own a Boy there, thats y I ask ok.
But if u r 8,304.1 miles away what use is it to ask? I thought I was here to help u understand what the difference between a Daddy n a Sir is.
Training is as I said in My profile. I use pain to edge My subs, opening their minds to transformation through suggestion n energy work.
I like the fantasy, not pain. I understood the difference, thank u…
I thought I had to learn through obedience, respect, following instructions n not by pain!
It depends on the Master as to what they want to do. That is y a Boi needs to choose wisely. I only use enough teasing pain to bring on overload. Others r not so discreet.
I thought the Sir chose his Boy.
Explain teasing pain? Give me an example pls?
Actually its mutual. They choose each other.
Light pain is used as a distraction focus. Get the mind off of watching the training.
Do u cause pain even if ur Boy behaves n do what u want?
Pain in that instance is punishments. I have no desire to punish My Bois because they disobey.
I use mild pain in training.
All right… Mild pain as in gently slap on my face? Pull my head back? Pinch my nipples?
Pinch of nipples, perhaps a clamp on them or a bite on the balls.
No slaps, no hair pulling.
But everything supportable right? I could do that. I think.
Can Boy give pain as well? Or only if u ask him to pinch ur nipples for example?
I don’t push any of My Bois more than they can cope with.
But I am not usual. Most Sirs use commands and reward/punishment to train.
Subs only give Me pain when I ask them to.
Well this sounds more logic to me. I wouldn’t want a Sir to have no respect for my limits… Then all the mental purpose here is gone n pointless.
He’d lose my worship instantly.
Exactly. It would take away your individuality. Some Masters want to do this. I do not.
I don’t see the fun the Boy would have there, there is no excitement for me. Its actually a turn off. For games like this to work with me My Sir has to be very intelligent, talk wise n act wise. Otherwise I lose my hard on n the interest n become very cold n get up n leave.
Lol. Now u sound like Me. I have no interest in ordering Bois around or having them perform tasks to show their devotion. Instead I want them to be drawn to Me because I have brought out in them a fulfillMent of their deSires n true nature.
N how will u create that?
Through overload of their mind, which will bring on a hypnotic ecstasy, n allow Me to manipulate their energies/mind to access their lustful instincts.
But first they have to feel physically attracted to each other right? I think u could do that with me.
If there was really chemistry between us I mean…
Hmmm. Not always. Sometimes the Boi just wants to be trained. Remember, its not necessary to have a lustful connection for training. More of a coach/Mentor. After all, I don’t care what u do after u leave.
But its hot when there is. My current Boi started off as just training.
I see, but I don’t think id worship n devote myself to a Sir I feel nothing for…. Lust even helps n inspires my devotion. If there is none, then he better be very, a I mean very wise to create all himself. N I am not a stupid Boy.
But for those just doing training I ask for no lust or devotion. That is reserved for those I connect with.
How long is the training?
Usually 2 to 3 hours.
How do u start the exercises? U both go in a room n say: ok now u r my Boy n u do what I want. Now do this, do that! N then he does?
Sometimes, if the Boi begs for it.
Wouldn’t u want it to?
The Boi coMes willingly. There is no order to him. He follows My direction for the steps to train him. Each Boi is different. Some need bondage, some pain, some need dominance.
Orgasm is a nice benefit, but more important to Me is the Boi getting the training he needs.
In the BDSM world the goal is not orgasm. The goal is power exchange.
For example. In dusting the goal is not orgasm or fucking. The goal is intensity n intimacy.
As in fisting for example…
How can he be trained if he cant move n he is tied own?
Because the training for Me is mostly Mental training first n most, not physical.
U said the goal is power exchange in BDSM, but I’m trying to find the reason n the pleasure there
I never did fisting n think I could never do. I am too tight n it’d rip me apart.
If there is no pleasure in that then it is not for u.
Do u enjoy the idea of giving control up? Or being dominated by another?
Lol it was a point to make.
I do like giving control n being dominated but it all depends how… I wouldn’t just enjoy giving it to anyone.
But to someone u r drawn to?
Even if u do not understand y?
It has to make sense to me for it to work… N probably my Sir has to conquer his control over me. Its not that easy. Thats y I say he has to be wise n intelligent.
And? When do u finally take the first step? When ur brain is satisfied or when ur gut n dick tell ur brain to shut up n submit?
If I feel lust for u n chemistry n mind connection I will give u everything.. In my point of view my Sir conquers me as soon as he looks me in my eye for the first time n he makes me feel like all I want to do is worship him.

But that is my point… Not every Sir can do that to me. If I walked into a room with ten Sirs, probably only a few would be able to have my devotion … Or none even… I am very selective.
N whats wrong with that? Thats a GREAT thing!
He must be a Sir in my perspective n know how to dominate respecting reality n limits.. If not I think he is a stupid retired old failed little general.
Lol. And I agree. Most Old Guard Sirs r exactly like that.
Sometimes I see some Sir who think they can have me, I tease them n play with them
Lol I thought u were into Bears, not Sirs.
Sometimes I look at a man n I’d die to be his Boy, literally.
Nice. So why don’t u walk up and submit??
I wish… These men r on the street. I’d never say anything.
Hmm then u need to find one u know is available to give urself to.
Well I am free n open to everything… I love hairy man n so but I like intelligent games n roll play, it could be fun. Anything that triggers my mind n excite me. But for example I’d hardly ever have a chinese Sir, ever. No matter how good n intelligent he was. No offenses.
Makes sense to Me. So what do I trigger?
N I never said I didn’t like this Sir /Boy thing… I never really tried so.
I believe u. It is foreign to most.
Once I had a bf n I loooved to worship his muscles n legs, I’d be sitting on the floor n touching n kissing him n he would look at me n hold my ear very gently n caring, I loved it. I could do it for hours
He’d grab me n put me in bed n I’d hold him lick his sweat on his chest
But I guess the game was just in my head… We never talked about it really.
That was when I found out I enjoyed it.
Well, at least u learned smth from it. That is most important. U know u want someone who understands what is going on n takes control of it. Very nice!
There was no exercises or anything more advanced than that.
But my Sir has to always be a Sir.
Even in between Sirs.
Of course He does.
When we go to the supermarket, or movies, or restaurant, or among friends, or among strangers.
If he ever fails to impose himself in front of me, he is doomed n I start feeling triggered by the other Sir till the point my devotion goes to him. n I cant fake it.
So u DO want to be owned then!
Well I am saying I’d like to have a bf like that I think… But what r the chances of finding a bf? Or even finding a Sir? For me, very small at the moment.
Lol. U miss My point. I will change ur mind. U WILL deSire Me n crave Me. If u leave Me for someone lesser I don’t care. I addict My Bois to Me.
If u r in the middle east it would be easier to find a Sir than a BF. But none line Me.
N there is smth else… He must know the line of respect when we r among other ppl. It’s not that he will give me others in front of everyone n expect me to do it. That’s humiliation n not fun.
Lol. I agree.
But if I threw a dinner party, u might be the party favor.
U do care … My Sir has to desire to have me as his Boy too… No?
Well I care about My Bois. Always.
What is party favor?
So u don’t mind if ur Boy has a desire for another Sir? N u find out by his behavior?
Some Bois want to be sluts in private n be passed around by several Doms under the Sirs direction. They r called party favors.
U might not have another Boy worshiping u so true n realistic n devoting like him… Think about it.
If My Boi wants to be a slut n fucked by other Sirs I will throw the party. But it will be under My control.
He will NOT fuck other Sirs without My direction n permission or We would be finished.
Hmm I don’t know if party favor would work well for me… If I don’t like that Sir I refuse… N I’d expect My Sir to know me better n to care for me preciously.
Because he would be insubordinate in his actions. I hold no secrets. My Bois should have none from Me.
U misunderstand. Party favor Bois are piggy Bois. U do not sound like that kind of Boi.
Hmm I see.. Exactly. I am not a piggy Boy!!! I am my own Sir’s Boy.n I don’t hide secrets too.
But I do not allow My Bois to have any limits on their own. Instead they have requested limits.
This is a trust point.
Ohh I see.
They may always come to Me to discuss these issues n I will respect reasonable requests.
As in what for example? The fact of having the lust for other Sirs?
Yes, for example. Or for pain issues.
Or anything else that may concern or trouble them.
I would tell my Sir everything… But he doesn’t need to be my Sir for me to be true… I am always true.
That may be. But he needs to be in control to be a Sir.
It’s ok I can deal with that.
Too cute.
Would u send ur Boy to other Sirs?
Why would I do that?
I don’t know… There are Sirs n Sirs as u r telling me.
Do u need to be a whore? That would be the only reason I could think of. If u r Mine, u r Mine.
I think if I was Ur Boy u’d never would want to have another Sir touch me.
But I have a Boi that needs to a whore. Not sure if I would let other Sirs touch him tho.
It might slow down My training or cause other conflicts.
Before all this conversation … I am still thinking if there is a chance for me to be monogamous.
Well if that is what u want I would respect that, but I am polyamorous.
That is what I mean, I don’t know if I could be mono.
How many Boys do u have?
A couple right now. None living with Me at the moMent, but owned by Me. When I want them with Me they will come.
They r just waiting My request.
Hmm I see.
It all depends I think. Like… I think I wouldn’t mind my Sir having sex with another man but having another Boy? N treating him the way he treats me? Hmmm don’t know.
Lol. I only have sex with Bois I am training or I own.
Can the Boy come without a request? Or because he feels like worshiping u? Or he misses u?
It sounds like u r not ready to be part of a family n need a strong Daddy first.
I only use chastity control when there is an issue of training otherwise I expect my Bois n puppies n slaves to fuck all the time. The more the better.
I love slutiness. Hehe
I don’t need a Daddy to punish me for smth that doesn’t make sense to me. It there kiss in any or this? Daddy or Sir?
Yes. Both. Daddies cuddle before, during n after sex. Sirs cuddle after or outside of sex. Kissing is mandatory.
Hmm I wondered if there was affection at all.
Of course. But it is with everyone in the pack. That is y packs r kept small.
Once I went to a bar in europe n I went up the stairs n I saw this guy wearing leather with a dob mask n I thought, omg!!! Then I sat n watched n tried to analyze. He laid on the floor n some man was on top of him. This is on the floor in front of everyone. I wasn’t excited at all.
Lol. Sounds more like a pig session.
True, puppies are owned and trained and kept. No good Master would ever let His pup run free.
Most BDSM sessions in public r VERY controlled.
Do you think I am jealous not to want another Boy on my Sir at the same time?
I think u r fearful to not trust ur Sir in what is best for u.
How would my Sir want me to treat his Boy? Or feel towards him?
If both want the same thing there is no problem with it. But jealousy is fearful insecurity that shows a lack of trust.
That is up to the Sir. I want My Bois to love each other n have fun together.
But I cant play with another Boy unless he is a Bear or I feel attracted to him somehow… N it would not be fu to be there n pretend just to please Sir, u know?
I don’t think my Sir would appreciate it either.
Lol. Then u need to find a Sir or a Daddy that wants just one Boi.
Hmm I am thinking about everything now, wait…
… I don’t know if I can answer how I would react to having my Sir giving other Boy orders n affection
I never lived this reality.
U need to figure that out before u move ahead. But the biggest clue is not being able to sexually attracted to anything outside of Bears. Maybe u need a Bear couple.
In my mind a Sir always have a preferred Boy, in case he has more than one. N that Boy is who he loves the most n cares the most… My Sir couldn’t lie to me even if he wanted to. I’d know who he loves the most.
Lol. How could I pick one over another. That is ur jealousy making up stories. I would not put up with it.
A Sir cannot win against a Boi with jealousy. Jealousy always wins n kills the relationship.
I know myself more than anything n I know what turns me on… I have been with none Bears but still those characteristics r what drains me.
I am wondering if I am jealous now. Hmmm.
Maybe everyone is jealous… Some just don’t let it get to them.
Have u never seen a Boy on the street that would make u give up all ur Boys? A Boy that u would die to be his Sir?
I am jealous of others time not other.
No, when I was not a Sir I had that, but then I realized it was smth I felt missing inside of myself that I was attracted to.
Other times? So if u see another Sir touching the Boy u trained ur own way n rules n this Sir doesn’t give a shit about any of that n he destroys it as he talks dirty n fucks ur Boy’s brains out…. Then this Boy looks at u thinking: I am only doing this because u want me to. Would u feel jealous because u’d want to be the Sir or what?
LOL. I would not allow that.
LOL see ;-) I knew it.
Lol. Thats not jealousy. That is another Sir being disrespectful.
Hmm ¬¬ Ppl r the same… Whether they r Boys, Sirs, or Daddies or whatever.
If u see jealousy u think others do as well. I DO NOT ALLOW JEALOUSY IN MY Bois. It is a deal breaker BECAUSE I AM NO LONGER IN CONTROL WHEN THEY R JELOUS. Jealousy is insubordination.
Another Sir will never treat ur Boy preciously like u do n if he does treat him that way, ur Boy can enjoy n devote him as he is there already.
Well, its bedtime for Me now.
Well ok. We will keep talking, u need to sleep now though.
Boy is gonna be here when u wake up…


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  1. DAMN!!! I would love to/ be honored to have you as my boy!!! To love and to cherish, to guide and support, and for me to be your authority figure.


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