Two Words – A Boi & Sir dialogue

by MonkeyBoy

The Opening: 

Right after Spiritus Pizza place he cought his bike on the way to the party with his friends, but on his way he met someone who he could not let go by and from a simple “hi”, the conversation became very interesting.

Dialogue between BOI and his Sir.
– Hi! (bike braking)- There you are! How are you?

– I know, I’m good. How are you?

– Not bad myself. Have you been drinking?

– Hmm yes? Maybe? I’d say… just a little?

– Hmm I see. So what are you up too?

– Nothing, I was on the way to the Blowoff Party with my friends, but saw you standing here in front of the house and could not go without saying hello.

– Very good! So, have you found your Bear yet?

– Uh, no?

– No? (frowning)

– No!  (smiling)

– And what have you done to find him?

– Uh, I don’t know. I chat to people, you know? I am a bit shy too.

– Listen to me, and I am going to say this once ok? Do you hear me?

– Yes.

– You are a beautiful boy, ok? And you attract Bear’s attention! Now, you have to be assertive and let them know you are interested, regardless of your shyness.

– I know but…

– But what? (interrupting)

– But…

(interrupting again) – There is no “but”! Remember what I asked you when we first met two days ago at Tea Dance?

– Uh… (thinking)

– Exactly!

– What? Tell me?

– I said to you: “-Are you having fun?” You said yes. “-Have you found your Bear yet?”. You said no. “-Show me your type, I will help you.”. You chinned up and started looking around and said: “-I don’t know”.

– Yes, I did. Because I didn’t know who to point at.

– Well, I liked you there! And that was the reason why I asked you who your type was! But, by your answer, I could tell you were not interested in me. You didn’t even notice, did you?

– But I liked you too! (explaining)

– No you didn’t!

– I did!

– … (sight)

– I even saw you this morning at breakfast and was looking at you!

– And? Did you say hello?

– No, but I wasn’t sure it was really you. And plus you were not alone.

– Of course it was me. And so what I was not alone?

– Damn it. So it was really you! I was looking at you!

– I was looking at you! But you were busy talking to your friends!

– I looked at you several times. I didn’t see you looking back?

– Boi, I stared at you. Ok?

– Oh damn, and how did I not see this?

– Because you were too busy talking to your friends! (smiling) Listen to me! If you ever want to find your Bear you have to tell him. You have to come up to him and say it to his face that he is the one.

– But I do it! Or at least I try?

(smiling) – You have to try harder, much harder. I asked you: “- Show me your type” and you…

– Don’t say this again! Please. (regretting)

(insisting) – … You said what? You chinned up and started looking around, man!

– Don’t, please. (kindly asking)

– I was right there in front of you! (emphasizing)

– But it didn’t occur to me that you would like me, even because you were not by yourself. (finding excuse)

– It doesn’t matter! I was drooling over you Boi. How could you not notice? (disappointed)

– I am sorry! (frustrated)

– Well you better be, because I leave tomorrow morning.

(surprised) – Shut up?!

– I am serious! (serious)

– No! (doubting)

– Too late now! (dead serious)

– You can’t do this to me. (looking down)

(laughing) – Oh my beautiful Boi!

– Please don’t leave like this, so soon.

– You’ve had your chance! (assertive)

– No I didn’t! (disagreeing)

– Yes you did. We met at Tea Dance when I asked you what your type was, then at breakfast and also now. Three times Boi! Three times!

– I know. (sad)

– You’ve had your chance! (smiling)

– No! (assertive)

– You should have told me who your Bear was. (torturing)

– Yes, I should have. 

– You ignored me three times. (torturing more)

– I am sorry. (enjoying being tortured)

– Well, you’ve had your chance. I leave in the morning.

– Please don’t?

– I have to.

– What can I do to make it up to you? (finding hope)

– What can you do? I don’t know! You tell me. (being difficult)

– I would do anything. (negotiating)

– You’ve had your chance! (reluctant)

– Don’t do this. You are torturing me. (smiling)

– Yes I am, and you know you love it. (both smiling)

– I do. But I want to make it up for u. (finding hope)

– How? (being difficult)

– Anything! (negotiation is on)

– Anything?

– Anything!

(seriously approaching) – Ok, but listen carefully to what I am gonna say right now! You fucking teased me at Tea Dance and ignored me at breakfast.

– I know and I am sorry. (sincerely sorry)

– And you should be punished for that. (taking advantage of sincerity)

– Come on! (surprised)

(reviling) – You are so damn sexy, and that is the only reason why I cannot resist you even though all you deserve is meaningless from me.

– Please, don’t be mean to me. (guards open)

The Deal:

– Listen to me right, Boi. You have five minutes to park your bike right there and go up to my room, and take your clothes off and I am going to fuck this hole of yours that I have been dreaming of since I first saw you. Deal? (thinking: “please say yes”)

– Oh Man! (just melted by hearing it)

– Answer me? Deal? (anxious)

– Deal!

(relieved) – Ok, great. So let’s go, we don’t have much time.

– Ok. (thinking: “yes!”)

(on the way up the stairs to the room)

– This is gonna be awesome and I will make you never forget this. (thinking: “i can’t wait”)

– Yes, I don’t ever want to forget. (thinking: “i can’t wait”)

– You won’t. Trust me. (promising)

– Oh, I am loving all this, you have no idea. (assigning expectations)

(aware) – Actually I do. I know exactly what I am doing here? I know what is the best for you and how you should be treated.

– Oh, do you? How? How should I be treated? (triggering)

– You deserve to be punished severely. (triggered)

– Ok, but please be gentle? (naive)

(evilly) – Gentle? That is the last thing you deserve right now. First I am gonna make you pay for all that teasing and teach you the lesson to never tease anymore.

(door closes and clothes drop down)81

(kissing softly) I didn’t mean to tease you. 

(demanding) Apologize!

– But…

(demanding) Apologize!

(staring into each other’s eyes) Ok, I am sorry.

– I am not convinced. Are you really? (with hand on the neck)

– Yes I am! (assuring)

– Are you?! (doubting)

– Yes! (attempting to kiss)

– Yes what? (refraining back)

– Yes!!! 

– Incomplete answer, Boi. (not satisfied)

– What else should I say? (impatiently)

– You should say: “-Yes, Sir!”. Say it!

– Yes, Sir! (kiss earned)

– This is how it’s supposed to be done. This way you will make me very proud of you. (needy of devotion)

– I want you to be proud of me. (devoting)

– Do you? How much?

(willing to show) – Very much! 

– You could have made me so proud before yesterday and yesterday. (torturing)

– I am sorry.

– You could have had me all for yourself. (more torturing)

– Kiss me?

– No!

– Oh Sir, don’t make me feel bad. (loving the torture)

– I do, because you are young and need to learn a lesson. And a Boi like you only learns properly the hard way. (taking advantage of)

– What did you want me to do? (needy of guidance)

– So simple. Two words.

– What?

– Two words, Boi. Two words.

– What words?

(ear gently whispering) – You are.

– You are? (confused)

– You are! This is what you should have answered when I asked you who your type was.

– But you were all along. (lame answer)

(angry) – And why did you chin up and started looking around? You should have told me then.

(deeply regretted) – I’m so sorry.

– You are what? (pushing it in)

(rolling eyes and breathing deep) – I’m sorry, Sir.

– We could have had this all day and night if you wanted to.

– Uff, tell me about it. (looking down)

(concerned) – Hey, chin up! I don’t want my Boi sad.

(lamenting) – I fucked it up.

– You did, yes. And that is why I should train you so you won’t do this again. (pushing in and out)

– Train me, I want to be trained by you. (devoting)

– What are you going to answer next time I ask you: “-Who is your type? (pulsating)

(immediate answers) – I am gonna say: “-You are”.

(proudly says) – This is my Boi.

– Now dress up. Time is up! (Pulled out)

– You gotta be kidding me?!? (opened)

– You wish I was. (dripping)

– You can’t do this!

– Who told you I can’t. (bouncing)

– Nobody.

– I can do anything I want. (showing authority)

– Yes, but this is too much. (offering opened cheeks)

– I tell you when it is too much. (applying authority)

– … (speechless thinking: “-fuck yeah”)

– Go on, dress up. (demanding)

– No! Please give me some more. (can’t get enough)

– Why? (needy of devotion)

– Because! (naughty)

– Because why? (imposing superiority)

– Because I’m a good Boi, and I learned my lesson.

– … (laughs)

– What?

– You have so much to learn. Dress up, Boi!

– Please? (begging)

(exhaling) – Uff, ok. But just a little more ok? (pushing it back in)

– Oh yeah. (thinking: “-give it to me”)

– Yeah, what? (daring)

– Yeah, Sir! (respectful)

– Good Boi. (pounding)

– I am gonna make you so proud of me. (taking it)

– Two words? (testing)

(proudly says) – You are!

– That is all you need to know.

– I learned it, Two words. “You are!” (biting it)

– Am I? (teasing)

– Yes, Sir.

– We need to meet again!

– We, definitely, need to meet again! (changing position)

– When do you come back here?

– I don’t know.

– You don’t know?

– Uh, I will find out, Sir. (on four)

– Good Boi.

– You are so bad to me. (pushing backward)

– No, I’m not. (pushing forward)

– Yes, you are. You torture me.

– And don’t you love it? (kissing neck)

– I don’t want to say it. (head down)

– Say it! It’s ok. (pulling back)

– I love it so much. 

– I know you do. I love it too. (exploding)

– We both do.

– Yes we do, now get up. We need to go.

– No, not again. Please?

– Time is up, Boi! We need to go. (pulling out)

– I can’t believe this.

– We will do it again, with more time.

– I’m devastated. (laying down)

– Who is your type? (dressing up)

– You are! You are! You will always be. (reaching out)

– Oh Boi, Don’t get me wrong. I really wish we could stay more. (kissing softly holding jaw)

– I’m going crazy in this journey. (trembling)

(admits) – So am I, believe me.

– I enjoyed every bit of it.

– You will enjoy even more when I assign tasks for you to do.

– Train me, Sir. Please? (on the floor)

– I will. (looking down)

– I wish you were not leaving tomorrow morning? 

– Unfortunately I am. (disappointed)

– Such a pity. (dressing up)

– Come, I’ll take you down.

– Is this really happening?

– Yes! But, promise me you will keep contact?

– Of course I will keep contact.

– Did you learn your first lesson?

– Yes, Sir.

– Let me hear it?

– Two words. (smiles)

– Good Boi. (kissing lips)

– Bye. (holding hands)

– Two words. (let go of hand)

– You are.


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