Toilet cruising

Come on? Who hasn’t done it? Or at least have participated in it? Or even seen it happen? Cruising is something every gay man do, did, or will do. Be it on internet, or in a public toilet, or at the supermarket, perhaps at the park late in the afternoon? There are many different ways to do it. And we don’t even notice sometimes, as it can start with a simple flirt, or we are simply not paying attention at all. Which was what happened to me a few days ago.

I was doing a few shopping on my last day in RJ and before heading to the beach I went to the bathroom quickly to pee. There was one man on his guard uniform, quite attractive actually, and another guy peeing. I honestly just thought of peeing and going to the beach. Till I noticed that the Guard was not peeing at all and shook his cock heavily and looked at me. I thought: -Well someone is looking for fun? But then again I was afraid cause he was on his uniform and could have been working there and everything. The guy on my right noticed the tension, “packed in” and left. So there was just the two of us. I had no choice but to get a bonner. He shook again his cock. I had to look and… Seriously?!? It looked like a black thick drill. Impressive. I looked again and it felt like he was proud to show it off to me. But he could and had a reason to be proud, in fact. #damn!


Eventually he put it back in and I swear it could still be seen through that tight uniform. #sohot At this moment I put mine back in and went out. I was super nervous. I wandered  slowly around that floor looking at the screen as if I was interested in buying something. He followed me around. Despite his black eyes and my desire to go there and speak to him I still felt very intimidated by the uniform and kept cool.

So I went round and around and he followed me through again. I went to the bathroom cabin this time and left the door open. Counted  one, two, th… The door is pushed in and this big, handsome, black man in uniform walks in. At that moment it was just the two of us inside that toilet. He stated touching himself and me too. I was very nervous and asked if there was any problem to play there? He said it was ok, but that he knew a more safer place at the garage floor. So I discreetly followed him all the way up.

Art Affection Tom of Finland

Indeed it was a very desert and not much lightened part of the shopping mall. He guided me to the corner and took his jacket off.I could not believe how big and sexy muscled arms he had. #woof. He also took my shirt off and his eyes were eating me alive. #grr. At first, I thought he was going to be very pushy and not respectful at all, and that he was just gonna ask for a blow job sleazily and cum and walk away. But I soon realized I was wrong when, with those big brown arms, he gently took me in and gave me the tightest warmest hug I could ever receive in that situation. Totally taken by surprise, the chemistry could have never been better! To kiss and be kissed while deep eye contacted, holding hands with full standing body contact, can be one of the most exciting things two man can do. A spark of fire went up and down my spine every time he ran his smooth big hand through. Brought shoulders and wide torso covered me from the lack of light that came into that hidden corner. For a moment I thought he was going to lift me as he squatted and hugged me tight against his pumped chest. My nipples, as hard as it could ever be, he tenderly played with. I could only take his head on my hand and kiss his ear right there and feel him moan. I had, then, found there his weak spot, his neck.

This was a hot, unexpected, exciting experience I have to say. From time to time we would stop and share a few words. Clearly we drove each other crazy. Unfortunately I was leaving Rio that evening, but he did ask me to spend the night with him. I am sure it would have been an amazing hot experience. Somehow we managed to end that afternoon in a very horny classic way. I wish we could still be there and never have to end it. But life goes on leaving a taste of I want a little bit more of that please. Thank you.

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