Can I just say?

Right! We all know we love bears, their big hairy belly, hairy back, hairy shoulders, thick neck and legs like tree etc.. Uh, no? Ok, I just heard someone shout they don’t like the hairy back. Ok some do, some don’t. Whatever! That is not the point here. The point is: It’s ok to be big and hairy and stuff. But please!!! Have a shower man. Honestly. There is nothing worst than getting all excited by the kissing, and hugging, and snogging, and then going down there and when you unbutton his jeans you feel like you wanna puke. #yuck


I mean. We chasers, we shower like twice if we are running up and down from bar to bar, and going to the beach on these Bear events. Sometimes even three times a day! Here I describe a regular chaser day:

1- wake up in the morning with the hangover from the previous day > shower!

2- then going for breakfast, beach, getting all sweaty and stuff, come home > shower!

3- go for happy hour, bar hopping, get drunk and sweaty again, come home > shower!

4- if we score, good > shower. If not, just shower again before dinner with your friends.

How many were there already? I mean, I am not saying you have to have to be an OCD problem. But I do expect you to be definitely not stinky when you lay on my bed. Period. Yes I except that! I go on with my lotion and my violet double phase body after beach oil and coco butter and shit you know, so you can at least use some deodorant? Thanks.

You know what happens? I will explain. These guys eat everything that moves from their 15 till today, then they don’t look after themselves and put on weight. In other words, get fat. Then the fat accumulated in the right inner part of their leg is constantly rubbing against the other fat part on the inner left leg. That is ok so far. But they sweat, a lot, which is also ok. The problem is when that sweat doesn’t go anywhere because it is pushed back by his balls, hairy or not. And that juice never goes anywhere, and when the bear friend stops walking that juice, which we will call here an “orange juice”, it dries.

Man, I will tell you what! If you feel like you own those little protruding fat on your inner part of your leg, most likely you will accumulate an orange juice in between your leg. So before it dries, or before you go to bed with someone, what are you going to do? hmmm… I will let you guess.

Ps. Now for you who find yourself in that situation you can pick one of the following scape solutions  to this:

1- you know what man, i am really sorry but I jerked off just before you came in. sorry #grin

2- ops, i think i am not feeling well, can we do this another time?

3- hey i got an idea! do you feel like a real fresh orange juice? I even have a blender?

Variety 1- if the guy is really hot and your both drunk, so and so and you are really horny you can do the romantic one and say: – lets start off in the shower, I really love a wet forplay.

Variety 2- now if you really cant be bothered and think this is a lack of repeat and hygiene you can go with your finger down there and run everywhere and rub it against his lips and say: – sorry I am not interested anymore


One thought on “Can I just say?

  1. Being a big boy, I am actually paranoid about being stinky. I have even gone as far as saying let’s go play in the hot tub if I am worried about the possibility. Love to read your stuff Chaser.


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