Talking about smell…

One question? Who came up with these idea that stinky man is hot? I’ll tell you what. If it is hot, then I must really be a vanilla monkey from the old fisherman town of the country north side of Rio. Really, I would like to understand what is the real deal here. Cause it just sounds like poor hygiene, being a pig etc. Oh wait! Thinking about it, being a pig can actually be cool, now smelling like one? I am not sure?

Apparently a lot of guys really enjoy not showering and meeting other guys who didn’t shower too. Maybe this is the new trend? Is it because some of us just want to say they are “cooler” than others because they are more kinky, or risk more, or challenge life more or something? Or people are tired of being vanilla and just want to experiment the different? I personally think strong odor can really turn everything off. But I guess some believe it is hot, and that they will be sexually aroused by it, and that it’s sexy. Were you ever asked to post a used, sweaty particular sock or underwear to someone?

That being said, I must say that the original man smell, and when I say original, I mean no cologne or strong deodorant, that can be quite exciting yes. Because it is the smell that each of us produce. Most of all animals, if not all, are led by their own smell and mainly their partner’s smell. So I wont be hypocrite and say humans are different, because we aren’t. We can get turned on in many different ways through our senses, and one of them is by the smell. The smell of the skin itself. I think. Consciously or not.

Some animals can actually recognize their children by the smell, and the children can recognize their parents too. And that is done by instinct. Now you come and tell me that you’re not gonna shower and go to a bar and guys will think your more attractive because you smell like that? Fine. Who am I to tell people what they should feel attracted to? Everyday we learn something new I guess.

Nowadays people want to explore and create fetishes and innovate, nothing wrong with that. I even try to keep up with the new codes, and behaviors, and tendencies exposing myself to the new. But tell me: So Is it because the more animalistic and primitive we are, the sexier we will find each other? Is that how we get a change to explore our animal instincts more deeply? Remember that song? – “you and me, babe ain’t nothing but mammals so let’s do what like they do on the discovery chanel”.

Well, imagine if we really did it and ate our partner after mating like the Widow Spider? OMG!

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