Bald Bearded Bear

To have hair loss problems at a younger age these days is not anymore a surprise to anyone. Some, who are still not ready to accept this dilemma and who can afford, come up with a hair implant solution which is pretty common in countries in Asia. But the majority of guys who can’t be bothered less just suck it up and embrace the new look. Personally, some man really look sexy in it. Shaved head was always a hit for me, and a sign of primitive masculinity. Specially when they shave the head and leave the facial hair as a contrast. I find it hard not to find it charming to be honest.

One day, sonner or later, we men, might at any point get there too. If not hair loss than white hair. So start getting ready, shall we?!? Well… Can I maybe consider myself lucky to have an 83 yo dad with full hairy head? Hmm, only time will tell. But now living in Amsterdam I realized many men are naturally bald. What I didn’t expect was that one of these guys would propose me something quite unique, let’s put it that way.

Me and Henri started chatting as soon as I moved here. Cool chap. We exchanged numbers to get out of that #Growlr thing and become more personal. In fact, it all plays in our head. Because now he has my phone number we are closer? Maybe, but still we haven’t met. Or hadn’t met. Because the other day he invited me for a sandwich in a beautiful restaurant by the canal on a beautiful Dutch sunny day. I had nothing to lose so I picked up my bike and cycled to him. We hung out for quite some time actually. It’s really nice when you go for a sandwich date and, regardless of how you fee about each other, it’s still able to keep a good conversation going. I really admire that.

-One plus point for you Henri!

We said goodbye and a kiss. After that the days went by and we kept on chatting. One of the things he mentioned was that he had to had a haircut. I thought: -Yes, you do! But also I told him how more charming he would look and what my opinion was towards a guy who keeps his head shaved and tidy beard. He accepted my point of view and totally agreed with it. So much that he came up with this line:

-Why don’t you shave my head?

-Uh, I don’t know!?! 😳

-It’s easy, you will see.

-Ok, maybe I could try?

-I just should tell you I get really horny when someone touches my head.

In reality, I had never shaved anybody’s head, but myself. All I can remember is that once during summer I went to the Eagles Bar in New York and they had a barber inside the bar with a chair and everything and he would charge to treat the men. He was a proper barber though. But it all came to me how sexy that look was when I sat there with my beer watching him shave those men’s head. Maybe I did want to be him that day? Maybe I did get horny too? Well, back to Amsterdam now, as I have just been offered to make my forgotten desire come true. It was a bit hard to match the free time but luckily today it all workout out fine.

-So what time are you coming to my house?

-In like 30 minutes I’m there.

-Perfect! Everything is ready for you.

I got there and hello kiss. Eye concat was really on fire. And I thought I was a bit anxious and feeing unquiet. I was a bit nervous, but I would never back off a challenge like that, plus I am a man of a word.

-Come to the bathroom with me I’ll show you everything.

-Let’s do this!

-I will sit on this stoll and I think from here you can easily reach the sink and the shaving tools, right?

-Hmm, yeah. I guess I will figure it out.

-Great! I will go get ready and have a look at the cooking chicken I left in the stove for a picnic.

I was already so hungry by the time that I got there and all, that the only thing I could think of was eating that chicken. But withing my hungry thought he came at the door only in underwear. And I thought: -I am even more hungry now! 🙈 Never mind. He sat there and I showed me how the clippers worked and i watched silently only nodding my head. The start was easier than I thought.

-You have really soft hands, you know that?

-Thank you [smiling]

-Still, just be careful cause this clippers are really sharp.

-No worries, I will be extra careful.

Every now and then he would stare at my eyes and I only knew he was looking because it was hard to miss those big blue eyes, but at the same time I couldn’t look away and lose concentration. I was to concentrated to look away, yet I smiled and he smiled back. We built trust on each other and, if I can say, some sort of strong intimacy too. I finished clipping the hair really short and put the machine off as I was done with that part. His leg was in between my legs and As I turned trying to reach the water on the sink and make my hands wet all my side torso was fully exposed to his face. So much I could fee his breath on my side abdomen.

-You have a great body!

-Thanks. [eye contact]

I was too concentrated on what I was doing and I didn’t want to hurt him but he would stare so deeply into my eyes that I had to smile and look at him. The water was body temperature as I put gently around his neck and ears. At that moment he closed his eyes and really let go off himself into my hands.

-Oh man!… You have no idea how this feels.

-Yeah? Does it feel good? [massaging the head]

-[no response]

It’s crazy how close you can feel to someone when you touch their head. We were pretty close there. He put his hands on my legs and every time I reached for more water he would touch up a bit more. My bum was supper hard but maybe from concentrating so much and flexing to reach more water and shaving cream. He opened his eyes while I held his head and I could not help but to kiss him. I could not stop it. It just happened that way.

-Take your shirt off please.

-I can’t, my hands are occupied.

-Sure, I will help you.

He took my shirt off and later my shorts. I was soft as a man can be. But I felt very comfortable. Our bodies were touching intensively. I shaved all his head and the first part of the work was done.

-Can I do your beard?

-You can do anything to me babe.

I wasn’t going to shave his beard, but it needed a line trim on the sides and also to shorten the mustache lip line. But in order to see from a good angle he had to look up to much and still wasn’t enough. So I sat, naked, on his leg. At this moment I started to get hard. It was so hot there was no way to hold back. We kissed again. In fact, we kissed all the time, in between laughs and comments. We were really comfortable with each other. I perfectly draw a natural line going down from his thick sideburns down curving and pointing towards the back of his ear. Then I draw a straight line from there around his neck meeting at the other side. I am perfectionist in everything I do. Beards, hair, mustache, sideburns, I like to take my time to do it. And it didn’t seem that strong leg was bothered by splitting my ass in two and handeling the wait of my body. With the scissors I drew his lip line. It was a bit challenging because he would not refrain from kissing me.

-Do not move your face abruptly like this! There are times when you can move! For example when I reach the sink for water, etc.

-Ok Boss! [smile]

I was feeling like I could give orders already [smile]. Of course in a funny way. I just didn’t want to hurt him or cut his lips. But anyways, I quite liked the shape of his lips that was hidden under the hair. After I fineshed he looked even more handsome.

-Are you finished?

-Yes, I am. [smile]

-Can I kiss you now? [naughty smirk]

-Yes, you may!


-Hell yeah!

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