Belly Chaser

Have you ever heard of this new chaser’s speech?

I know! This might sound a little bit awkward, but this is the same impression that I got when I first heard it. So now chasers want to grow up badly too. Desperately! They are no longer satisfied with the six-pack that they were given. For them, now it’s mandatory to meet some ‘beauty requirements’.

And if you’re wondering why on earth someone would do this, I’m going to give you a reasonable explanation: And I think part of this reason is because they are tired of hearing: sorry you’re not fat enough, or you’re not old enough, or you’re not hairy enough. So to compensate that, they are eating like pigs hoping that their Belly will grow. What a waste!


Ok! I will say it one more time, for those who didn’t read it yet. I think people should do the things they love in order to be happy, but trying to fit other people’s requirements just to be excepted in a certain social group for that matter I think it’s a little bit too much. Because what happen is, you will end up losing your own identity just for trying to be what somebody else thinks you should be.

Now, you should ask me: ‘Would you change anything in your body?’ My answer to that question is: – Absolutely not! Even if the guys I like tell me I’m not fittable for any particular reason, whatever that may be. In fact I think there’s nothing more attractive than the opposite of you, the contradiction, the contrast between two men. I think two bears together are just as boring as to chasers together. And this is only my point of you view, and we can agree to disagree.

However, for that reason, and I’m really sorry if I don’t meet any of your beauty requirements, I’m not going to eat like a pig just so you want me to grow my belly. Instead I will eat healthier and exercise as much as I can to emphasize the exciting contrast of my slightly smooth six pack with what I love the most – your hairy rounded big belly.



2 thoughts on “Belly Chaser

  1. Perfect!
    You expressed my sentiments exactly. Why change who you are just in order for someone else to desire you. If you do, you are no longer being yourself.


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