Today I would like to comment on some “new” feelings I have been experiencing lately. And I believe that my preference for bears/chubbies/bigger guys is already very clear to everyone by now?

So, at the moment I am living in Cambodia for a few months for work. And we all know Asian gay guys are somewhat close to 95% slim? Maybe? I am not sure about the correct number, but the great majority of guys I see is slim. At the gym, there is only ONE big boy. And I try making eye contact to create a greeting situation to maybe start the acquaintance process going on? But it’s more likely that I have a heart attack there and he wouldn’t even notice my existence. So, my conclusion is, he is either extremely shy or I just assume he is straight.

Eyes gazing at the gym and I find myself trying to find which of the guys has at least a small bump on their flat stomach? Trust me! It’s not easy to find belies here. Go figure love handles.

But eventually, I did find one guy with a small belly and a cute smile too :) He would really look back through the machines. I thought: “You are flirting with me, babe!”. I would smile, he would smile back. We started saying “hi’s” and “how are you’s”. So one day I said more than just hi. I gave him my number. And until today I am waiting for his message :( Well, clearly the gym crush didn’t work.

And if there is something which is not chaser friendly this thing is called “Grindr”. I so much dislike this app! But in places like Siem Reap, even a chaser has to give in and complies with it.

FINE! I reinstalled it and very rarely would open it. Cause, really, what are the chances?

Well, one day I opened it and saw this very cute face. I thought: ok…?

I messaged the guy. We started chatting. He liked me too, apparently. Such a cute face. But of course, something had to go against the odds. He was on his way to the airport.


Really? Am I the only one?!

Probably not. But what surprised me is that he does NOT have a belly! He is a slim boy from Vietnam. We have been chatting since. I might have to go there for work, surprisingly. So yes, perhaps we will meet. He is very cute, I must say. But I feel very confronted with my own tastes. I know we change as we grow, but for a chaser to go for a slim guy? That’s a hell lot of a change! I am telling you!

I wonder if other chasers have ever felt the same type of confrontation?

Did you ever feel attraction for another slim guy?

How did you react?



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