chaser + logy

[chaser] + [o] + [logy] is the combination of words I used to create the name of this blog. As if there was the study of “chasing” and everything that surrounds its aspect.

The reason I created this blog is because I want to be able to express myself and share, with whoever is interested, my thoughts, feelings and experiences. There can be a picture of an interesting sight, a short erotic tale, a dream I had, a comment I heard, or a sex dirty fetish. I find people very limited and narrowed when topics that society judge as tabu are concerned. It could be a dark room experience, or an uncommon fetish like sounding, or anything that brings pleasure and satisfaction to the body. I am not here to make fun of any practice, though sometimes I can have a laugh, but I am here to explicit, explore and expose mine and your imagination. Raising topics neither our mom and dad, hell nor the priest never spoke about.

There is nothing wrong with being different. In fact, our differences is exactly what makes us similar.


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