out and about

Ok, here is where I should write something about myself… so here we go:

I am from Rj – Brazil and I like photography, travelling and writing. I finished my degree on Literature & Languages (not that I am nerd or something) in 2008 and the one of the things I learned from it was to set my mind free and put down in words everything that comes to my mind, just as it is.

I think our brain is a wonderful machine and it can take us through a journey to a different level of reality if we let it. Based on this, I believe people, who is attracted by the same things I am, will feel stimulated and develop the interest to share their thoughts with me as well as find out what else we have in common.

I am not a big fan of labels, but I would easily consider myself a chaser . That being said, I encourage everyone to express themselves and interact with the world with no fear or pudency. Bear in mind that not everything I may write about is part of my personal life. I can, and will, write about everything that comes to mind, but, please, do not necessarily assume or judge me for that. In reality I am just another chaser who decided to write with a lively ‘set free’ state of mind.

ps. I apologize for, at times, make no sense in what I write. I am not a native english speaker and I will try my best to make my text understandable. However I don’t mind being corrected.

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