you tell me

I dedicate this space specially for you to tell me what I need to hear, what you liked and what you didn’t like. I want you to let me know what you want me to write about and what there is no point in writing. Both critics and praises are welcomed and well appreciated, as long as you make some sort of sense in your words. You can also ask me anything you are curious about, such as: if I’d let you bandage me and tickle my feet because it turns you on? :-p

4 thoughts on “you tell me

  1. A real ode to these small things that add up to a beautiful versatility! With each post, I felt like we were sitting together for tea! Cheers to you.

    • Thanks Solange, I am glad you feel that way. Because that is exactly how I want my reader to feel when they read my blog. As if we are having a normal face to face conversation ☺️ xxx

  2. Dude great blog, i look forward to reading more as you publish it, id like to see you pictures and snap shots as you take then when u see something interesting exciting or even erotic. Get out there and reach for the kink.



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